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 Wireless SystemExtensive field experience gained over thirty years has enabled BSI to maintain a perspective of the needs and requirements of our customers. Total customer focus has been the primary driver for the development of BSI equipment and remotely monitored sensor systems. Whether developing ultrasonic scanners that withstand weeks and months submerged in AST fuel oil, or cleaning fine particulates from radioactive coolant systems, BSI is tuned into customer objectives within the demands of a wide range of their operational constraints. The value of BSI's products are enhanced, daily, through their integration into our customer's fitness for service programs.

Diversified Field Installations

  • High temperature steam and hot water injection line remote monitoring to improve facility safety performance
  • Refinery alkylation unit elbow and transition component monitoring
  • Overhead crude line monitoring for outage planning
  • Underground wet gas line high consequence area monitoring for code compliance
  • Hourly wellhead monitoring for detecting, alarming and mitigating rapid elbow wear, balanced against increased production
  • Close interval monitoring of distillation tower recirculation lines for improved product quality and flow assurance
  • Road crossing soil-to-ground pipe interface monitoring for pipeline life extension programs
  • AST sand foundation and cathodic protection system performance monitoring for improving inspection programs and extending out of service inspection schedules
  • Close interval monitoring of AGI high pressure reducers to augment increased safety performance goals
  • Heat exchanger crack monitoring for outage planning and scheduling
  • Process monitoring of flare gas lines via pipe wall integrity assessment
  • High consequence area terminal gathering line monitoring for code compliance and community safety programs
  • Post ILI run underground pit monitoring as an alternative to costly spool replacement programs
  • Underground transmission line compliance monitoring
  • Butadiene process line monitoring for outage planning and preparation
  • Safety mitigation of community underground gas lines providing a higher level of public safety assurance
  • Off-shore pipeline hydrate monitoring and flow assurance
  • Precision monitoring of the impact of AC induced corrosion along right of ways and compressor stations
  • Improving the performance of CP system monitoring and enhancing the value of DC data acquisition and interpretation through the use of “smart coupons”
  • Taking CUI monitoring programs to a higher level of precision assessment and control