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High-Density Ultrasound Scanner
IMPAcT Multi-Channel Ultrasound Signal Processor
Eagle DAQ - V Multi-Channel Ultrasound Signal Processor For In-Service Tank Inspection
High-Density Ultrasound Handheld Scanner
UT Review

Cruiser Hand Scanner - High-resolution, lightweight ergonomically designed ultrasound scanner that detects internal corrosion and material flaws. The Cruiser uses noise reduction software designed to capture high density ultrasound data with the use of its integrated couplant. Cruiser ultrasound pulses are powerful enough to penetrate heavy oil for use in submerged environments.

Cruiser Floor Scanner - Four – to - eight channel ultrasound scanner designed for inspections of aboveground storage tanks, roofs, and tank walls – both in-service and out of service. Uniquely designed to allow for high-density thickness measurements of the entire floor including the annular ring. The Cruiser Floor Scanner captures 30 samples of data per second within one inch of the floor-to-wall weld area, penetrating a wide range of floor coatings including FRP.

Eagle DAQ-IV and V Processors - All-in-one ultrasound signal processors and data loggers that continuously acquires data from 1 to 8 transducers. The processor incorporates a unique high power, low noise pulser/receiver that create ultrasound signals that penetrate heavy products such as lube oils and additives. Designed for in-service continuous acquisition of above ground storage tank floor ultrasound data. Patented software suite is user friendly and compatible with most current PC operating systems.

IMPAcT TM - A high resolution, portable, precision 8-channel ultrasound signal processing system. IMPAcT™ transmits and receives ultrasound signals through coatings and internal surface irregularities with real-time proprietary processing algorithms. IMPAcT™ provides multi-channel control of transmit/receive gains, variable windowing and noise filtering. A-Scans are saved as raw RF files or CSV files for real-time display. Data can be stored locally or remotely transmitted to the Cloud.

UT Review - PC-based ultrasound data display and processing software suite designed for the analysis of high volumes of in-service tank floor/roof acquisition data. Both A- and B-scan formatted data is stored and retrievable for real-time or off-line use. Analysts and inspectors are provided with raw and processed data files created for in-depth evaluations. User interface features include: Color-coded thickness threshold alarms, confidence level thresholds, automatic or manually determined thickness measurements, statistical analyses (Tmin/Tmax/Tavg), and csv and data base output formats.

IMPAcT TM With RFID - retains all the features of the original IMPAcT™ high resolution ultrasound acquisition and processing features but adds a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) capability. The RFID capability automatically provides asset identification information that is associated with each and every ultrasound thickness measurement acquired in the field. Thickness measurements and detailed asset (piping, pipes, tanks, etc.) identification specifications are available for wireless transmission to the cloud, local databases or any user-preferred storage/analysis location.

Phased Array Services - BSI’s certified inspectors provide weld integrity and flaw detection scanning services. Using the latest in phased array ultrasound imaging technology, we specialize in internal pit detection and corrosion/erosion mapping. We closely coordinate and validate ILI inspections and monitor for change.