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 Eagle Array Transducers


March 28 - March 31, 2017.  Please join us at the NACE 2017 Corrosion Conference and Expo in New Orleans, LA.  We will be located at Booth 557 by the CP field.  This year we will be presenting three papers:  STG-05 The Use of Ultrasound for Monitoring the Impact of AC-Induced Corrosion on Underground Structures; TEG-053X Direct Monitoring of Corrosion in Steel Reinforced Structures Using Imbedded Ultrasonic Sensors; and, TEG-341X Remote Monitoring of the Mechanical Integrity of Oil Sands Facility High Wear Components.  We're looking forward to seeing you there.

February 3, 2017 - BSI is celebrating the installation of over 100 Eagle Arrays in a single US State.  We are quickly moving toward doubling this milestone by the end of this year!

January 2017.  Congratulations to our valued partner Earthborn Interactive ( for their chapter on virtual reality environmental design recently published in Level Design:  Processes and Experiences, edited by Christopher Totten, December 2016.  Earthborn is one of BSI's critical partners that is helping to take our user interfaces into a new realm of dynamic data visualization.

September 19, 2016. BSI reached a new milestone this week by reaching its 2016 target of 2,000 Eagle Array sensor installations in North America! This goal is shared with BSI’s achievement of over 1 million remote, precision ultrasound material thickness and bulk wave transactions. We are grateful to our customer/partners who have deployed our imbedded sensors for remotely monitoring the structural health of their critical assets.

May 4, 2016. BSI announces new Eagle Array installations in the Eagle Ford shale regions extending its reach beyond systems currently operating in the Marcellus and Bakken regions. With multiple operations in the San Joaquin and Permian Basins, BSI is now providing asset protection and production improvement services to a much broader base of pumping and fracking operations. These new US-based field-hardened system installations complement its current, extensive monitoring activities in the Alberta and Saskatchewan oil sands.

September 25-29, 2016. We look forward to seeing our colleagues at the NACE Corrosion Technology Week conference to be held in Houston at the Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria. Corrosion Technology Week provides us with the opportunity to exchange technical information with our colleagues and stay current with the latest trends in corrosion prevention and control. Please feel free to stop by our booth to say hello.

May 17 -10, 2016. Join us at the Morgantown, WV Appalachian Underground Short Course (AUSC). Each year in May, AUCSC conducts a three-day training course, offering over 100 classes on the causes of corrosion, corrosion surveys, cathodic protection, instrumentation, pipeline coatings, and miscellaneous methods of corrosion control. We are excited about participating in this important industry event and look forward to seeing our colleagues at the conference.

March 6 - 10, 2016.  Visit BSI at NACE CORROSION 2016: Collaborate. Educate. Innovate. Mitigate. Booth #548, Precise, Accurate, Continual Monitoring of Assets and CP for Automated Asset Integrity Management. AC Mitigation, Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Rate Monitoring.  Vancouver, BC Convention Centre Mar 6- Mar 10

October 2015 - BSI introduces the newly developed Ultrasoud Cathodic Protection Test Station "UT CP Test Station" for use in AC mitigation, monitoring the corrosion rate of external surfaces of buried structures (such as pipes and piping) and for assessing the effectiveness of customer CP systems.  These test stations incorporate traditional reference cells and multiple "smart" ultrasound measurement-based coupons. Easy access to terminals and connectors are available on standard riser pipes for AC/DC potential measurents.  "Smart" coupons are located within and outside the impressed current field for precise and consistent corrosion rate monitoring.  Measurements can be acquired manually or via a wireless interface for 24/7 Internet access.

July 2015 - BSI expands the capability of its Eagle Array into the world of both remote monitoring of welds and pipeline internal pitting.  Using unique signal processing algorithms that are inherent in its IMPAcT Eagle Array software, these systems provide real-time feedback to the user of changes in weld integrity and pit geometry and growth.  Originally designed for buried pipelines that can benefit from on-line remote flaw/inclusion monitoring, the technology is being used for a wide variety of inaccessible mechanical structure monitoring.  BSI is expanding its user interface to incorporate unique display features for ease of user interpretation and subsequent decision-making.

June 2015 - BSI announces the recent increase in orders and expansion of its Eagle Array product line within the North American energy sector. Within an environment of tighening budgets and increased sensitivity to operational costs, the Eagle Array is proving to be a cost effective alternative to conventional risk reduction and operational improvement methods.

May 2015 - BSI introduces a major breakthrough in the development of its precise ultrasonic corrosion-rate coupon technology.  Designed for both above and belowgound tanks, buried piping and related mechanical structures subject to corrosion rate monitoring, our "smart" UT CR Probe will help augment the way industry acquires mechanical integrity data and makes informed operational decisions.  This is an exciting development for our firm, and we are especially pleased with our customer-partnerships that are adopting and validating this new technique of material integrity assessment.

May 2015 - BSI announces a 100-unit order of its new "smart" UT CR Probe.  The probes will be used for monitoring the corrosion rate of the underside of aboveground storage tanks.  The probes are precise monitors of the effectiveness of inhibitors and the influence of impressed current corrosion protection systems.

March 2015 - BSI presented the Eagle Array Technology at TEG 077X-Oil and Gas Production, Internal Erosion and Corrosion:  Information Exchange at the NACE 2015 Conference - Dallas Convention Center  on March 15-19, 2015.  We would like to thank our customers and friends for spending time with us during the conference. It was a great opportunity to share new developments in the field and discuss our future plans.  Thanks again!