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Ultrasonic Probes FAQ

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How are the ultrasound sensors calibrated?
The Eagle Array ultrasound sensors are calibrated prior to installation and re-calibrated, if necessary, remotely by software-comparison to an internally-stored reference.

Are the sensors intrinsically safe?
The Probes are not energized in their resting state. The ultrasound transducers, which are imbedded in silicon, are only energized when attached to an ultrasound meter.

Are the Probes wireless?
The Probes are shipped as standalone corrosion monitoring units designed to be pulsed manually be a BSI data logger (or certain off-the-shelf data loggers). The Probes can be integrated into a wide range of wired and wireless units.

Can the customer install the Probes?

Can the Probe operate from solar power?
The Probe power is acquired from the data logger.

All installations include a warranty of 12 months.

Ultrasound frequency?
5.0 MHz

What diameter tanks or size of pipes can it fit on?
There are no diameters or component size limitations.

How many sensors per Probe?
Standard Probes have 2 ultrasound transducers.

Can the Probes be installed underground or underwater?

Can the sensors be integrated into a plant network?
Yes, depending on the network and communication protocol.

What type of data encryption is available?
Several encryption schemes are available: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA (Wireless Protected Access), WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access 2), WPA Enterprise (Wireless Protected Access Enterprise)


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