Current Interference

The Raven™
Smart Bond

Take back control of your bond with The Raven™ Smart Bond.

The Raven™ Brochure

BSI Raven™ Smart Current Blocking Switch

Provides reverse current protection should the cathodic protection of the interference source be interrupted for any reason.

  • Requires 10 to 15 mV of forward voltage to operate, unlike a standard silicone diode which requires 750 mV to 1250 mV forward voltage to operate
  • Can block reverse currents up to 20 Amps without failing
  • Low forward operating voltage will not limit the ability of the bond to function, unlike silicone diodes

The Raven™ Smart Bond Design Features

  • Prevents accelerated consumption of sacrificial anodes beyond design parameters
  • Variable ohm resistor
  • BSI smart current blocking switch for back current protection
  • Circuit breaker (in case of electrical fault or overcurrent)
  • Real time monitoring – Connects to existing BSI User Interface
  • Optional permanent reference electrode monitors structure to soil potential on both sides of the bond
  • Customer tailored threshold alarms
  • RMU health monitoring system

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Continuously monitor the current flow through the bond to ensure that the mitigation system is functioning properly.

The Raven’s scalable system can be fine-tuned to mitigate interference specific to the systems being protected.

Mean time to perforation of a 250-mil pipe wall through a 1cm2 holiday in the coating based on a mA-yr of steady state current discharge.

Example: 200 mA-yr current discharge will corrode through a 1cm2 holiday in the coating of a 250-mil pipe in 24 hours.

Design Advantages


Eliminates the damaging effects of stray current discharge by providing a regulated pathway back to its source.

Continuous Monitoring

Pairing a BSI Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) with the RAVEN continuously monitors current flow through the bond. This meets and exceeds DOT requirements for monitoring critical bonds.


The 300W resistor is available in sizes up to 63 Ohms with the same mounting and dimensional configurations, making exchanging the resistor a simple process.

Redirect Current

The BSI RAVEN Smart Bond is scalable, allowing the Raven to be fine-tuned for interference mitigation.