Pipeline Integrity

The Owl™

With more data, The Owl™ is the wisest of all test stations.

Quickly and easily installed, The Owl™ Ultrasound Coupon Test Station is complete with standpipe, ultrasound corrosion coupons, and conventional cathodic protection wiring/terminals with remote or on-site data acquisition capability.

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What Makes The Owl™ Ultrasound Test Station So Wise?

While most traditional test stations only report indirect measurements (volts/amps), The Owl™ reports pipeline integrity by precisely measuring the rate of the CP induced structure. Using sacrificial coupons AND ultrasonic probes within and outside the cathodic current field, the exact change in thickness of the pipe can be measured.

The Owl™ Ultrasound Test Station is a unique and excellent tool for monitoring the impact of both DC- and AC-induced corrosion on underground structures.

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Above ground portion of The Owl™ showing standpipe, ultrasound corrosion coupons, and conventional VOM wiring/terminals.

Below ground view of The Owl™ showing sacrificial coupons AND ultrasonic probes.

Remote monitoring unit

Where Can I Use OWL Ultrasound Test Stations?

BSI recognizes that there are very specific, serious safety issues involved when a pipeline is located near high-voltage power lines. AC-induced corrosion can be a significant issue resulting not only in localized corrosion, but also creating potentially unsafe high voltage environments.

BSI has the expertise to help you develop an AC Mitigation Plan in response to regulatory requirements. Mitigation plans are specialized in design, installation, and monitoring capabilities, depending on the specifics of your location.

Under High-voltage Power Lines
Wind Turbine Foundations
Highly Resistant Soil, such as Sand
Buried Piping Inside Plants