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Virtually Anywhere

Smart Tank™

Remote Monitoring

Monitoring components transmit critical integrity data through a variety of traditional wireless technologies. BSI’s monitoring systems are installed virtually anywhere.

From the middle of the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean, BSI sensors keep vigilance over the integrity of our infrastructure.

  • Monitor and measure bottom-side tank floor corrosion and corrosion rate in real time
  • Optional in-tank topside corrosion monitoring
  • Plug-and-Play or optional wireless communication for remote access
  • Powerful all-inclusive user interface for customer monitoring
  • Bottom-side and topside corrosion rate alarms
  • Existing structures or new construction
  • Class 1, Division 2 certification
  • Effective in monitoring existing CP system performance

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Monitor and measure bottom-side tank floor corrosion and corrosion rate in real time with a Remote Monitoring Unit (left) and Embedded Corrosion Coupons (right).

What Do BSI Sensors Monitor?


Assess the conditional health of your system to determine when something needs to be changed as opposed to simply changing components at predefined intervals, when it may or may not be necessary.


Remotely monitor pit growth, flaw and crack mitigation, and general metal loss.

Temperature / Humidity

Relationships and trends among temperature, humidity and corrosion/erosion rates are established and correlated to particular plant events.

Cathodic Protection Performance

Remotely monitor the operability and effectiveness of existing and newly installed cathodic protection (CP) systems. Measures the tanks response to AC/DC fields and impressed current CP systems.